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Thrill Ride in Nature

Zip lines are soaring in popularity, with the high flying adventure courses being built over canyons, vineyards, island tourist towns and even zoos. Sara and Tim explain what makes zip lines different from traditional amusement park thrill rides.

Soaring Safely

Tim and Sara discuss and demonstrate the features that make The Gorge safe for people of all ages, provided they are in good physical health.

Not for the Faint of Heart

Even with full safety precautions, zip lining The Gorge is a full-on experience that requires visitors' full attention. Clip into a harness, step across the sky bridge and rappel from the tree-tops to the ground to find out why.

Steepness Redefined

Just how steep and fast is The Gorge, and how does it stack up against other zip lines around the world? Tim and Sara share why they call The Gorge the steepest, fastest zip line in the United States.

Sky Guides

The Gorge features two guides for every 10 guests, with "sending" and "receiving" guides at the ends of each section. Trained guides demonstrate the course's safety features and how they calm the guests who are afraid of heights.

Keepers of the Big Trees

Arborists, the tree experts who inspect, prune and maintain the big trees that hold The Gorge's launch platforms, explain the challenges of working on the rugged, steep terrain of The Gorge's 125 acres.

Family Adventures

Zip lines are a fresh-air alternative to electronic entertainment that can bring together multiple generations of families. Sara and Tim explain the nuances of designing a course that is thrilling enough for teens but safe enough for grandma and grandpa.

Getting Real with Nature

With 11 sections totaling more than 6,500 feet, The Gorge descends 1,100 feet from the rim to the bottom of the primeval Green River Gorge, and takes from 2 ½ to 3 hours for visitors to complete. Tim and Sara discuss the old growth forest ecosystem of the site's 125 acres and what people experience on the way down.

Fearless Kids (and Parents) Outdoors

As the parents of an 8-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter, Sara and Tim share how raising kids in nature teaches them skills and sensibilities that will last a lifetime.

What Not to Wear

What should you wear on your canopy tour? Sara and Tim explain why baggy clothing, scarves, ponchos, and short shorts are out, and why you should wear your walking shoes but leave your jewelry and cell phones in the car.

Rivers, Rocks and Ravines

Sara and Tim's sister business, Green River Adventures, offers the only inflatable kayak trips on the Green River upstream of the world famous rapids of the Green River Narrows. They share how they created their businesses to share the rivers, ravines and waterfalls of wild Western North Carolina with everyone.

Experiences to Remember

Sara and Tim met at Brevard College in Brevard, N.C., where they both earned degrees in the Wilderness Leadership and Experiential Education. They share why people are today are hungry for real experiences outdoors, and how that is fueling the growing industry in outdoor adventure sports.
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